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Investing in You

In 2015, the way we helped a student find work turned into an idea that sparked a movement.
And we’re just getting started.


If I could have made money while gaining experience doing what I love when I was at University, that would have been a dream come true. So, we decided to turn that dream into a reality for students across Australia.


Helen Patronis

Our Story

In 2015, our parent company CS Executive Group launched a Summer Vacation Program.

At the end of the program, something interesting started happening: Employers continued to employ our students on a Part-Time basis. The effectiveness of having students with flexible hours help out on projects was seen as an invaluable asset to businesses.

Meanwhile, Peter Kotaridis, who was overseeing Marketing and Communications at CS Executive Group and was involved in consulting for new start-ups, saw the opportunity to rebrand the program and turn it into something bigger.

So after many discussions with employers, our tech team, and recruitment consultants we came to the conclusion that students wanted a way to gain experience within their industry while getting paid, and many businesses needed a workforce that was flexible and cost-effective. It was time to turn the Summer Vacation Program into a year-round recruitment service that helped introduce university students to the world of work and connect them to businesses around Australia.

In July 2018, Uni-Works was born.

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